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This was Insider Dev Tour Vienna


Yesterday, on June 20th, the Insider Dev Tour (see insiderdevtour.com) took place in our home town Vienna. It’s a roadshow for software developers in the Microsoft universe delivering the latest news about Windows, Azure, Office, Graph, AI technology and more. I enjoyed being part of the event along with my fellow MVP colleagues and the Windows Development community.

The content was more or less pre-defined and included demos and code-focused overviews of the new developer technologies coming out of Redmond. The topics included building native Win32/XAML apps and Progressive Web Apps, how to connect with new ecosystems using the Microsoft Graph and Windows Timeline (my session), how to add AI (Artificial Intelligence) into your projects, and how to bring your experiences into the next dimension through Mixed Reality and more.

The #InsiderDevTour took place in about 40 locations world wide. Each event got it’s own page, for Vienna it`s insiderdevtour.com/vienna.


In Vienna there were about 100 participants – despite of beautiful summer weather. Since we had English speaking attendees as well, all sessions were held in English.

So, the agenda included these sessions:

  • Keynote – Technologies overview – Georg Binder, Christian Waha
  • Modernize your Existing Apps for Windows 10 - Hannes Preishuber
  • Get the Most Out of your Web App With a PWA - Martin Andreas Ullrich
  • Create Productive Apps with Office 365 – Christian Waha
  • Drive User Engagement Across All your Devices with Microsoft Graph – Toni Pohl
  • Get Started with Machine Learning - Rina Ahmed
  • Build Mixed Reality Apps - Andreas Jakl

See some event snapshots here:

image image image image image

After lunch, we had a a nice quiz with some prizes to win. They were easy and difficult question, like:

  • The new feature in Notepad is…
    a) WYSIWYG Rich text editing or b) Proper handling of *nix line endings
  • Assuming a valid item-id and permissions, what does this graph HTTP request do?
    GET /drive/items/{item-id}/content?format=pdf
    a) Returns an Error or b) Converts the file to PDF format and returns the PDF
  • Help! How do I exit VIM?
    a) :wq or b) rm –rf
  • To use APIs like Windows Hello, an application must have…
    a) Application Identity or b) Webcam and microphone access declared in the manifest
  • What was the number of the trash compactor in the original Star Wars?
    a) 3263827 or b) 8675309
  • What is the sequence of the programmable DirectX rendering pipeline?
    a) GS, VS, DS, HS, PS or b) VS, HS, DS, GS, PS
  • …and so on. What would you answer…? Winking smile

The attendees signaled their answers with arms at the “Head” or “Tails”. It was fun.

 image image image image image 

You can find all the information and Hands-on-Labs at aka.ms/insiderdevtour-labs.


So, we enjoyed the show. Hope you too! Check out #InsiderDevTour for other feedback and follow my Twitter account atwork for more insights of Microsoft technologies and events. Winking smile

Thanks to Georg Binder (MSFT) and Christian Waha (MVP) for organizing this event at the Microsoft office in Vienna!

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