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Many new useful features coming in PowerApps


Two days ago, a new version of the PowerApps Studio has arrived with a bunch of useful features.

See the details at PowerApps Newest Feature Releases Address Top User Requests!

There’s a new Explorer Tree View to access a list of controls of each screen, as shown here in this animated graphics taken from the blog post:

Tree View Controls Toggled with Screen

See more about control handling here.

The new Multi-Column Form Control makes sense for Tablet mode apps…

…and I like the date conversion functions as converting to and from UTC Format and date picker options.

Another important feature is the Co-Authoring Notifications to Prevent Unintentional Overwrites.

Check out the article in the PowerApps blog.

To ensure you have the latest version of PowerApps Studio, open the Windows Store or your smartphone store and check for updates.


See all the latest release notes at What's new in PowerApps.

Enjoy the new helpful features in your apps!

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