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Delegate365 changelog version 6-overview


As posted in September at Delegate365 announcement about upcoming changes in version 6, we will update Delegate365 to version 6 shortly. Actually, we wanted to update all Delegate365 tenants already this November, but we have been very busy, so this update comes a little bit delayed. See the details here.

  • Delegate365 stays as it is. We just figured out some things we can improve and add to the existing functionality. So, no worries, Delegate365 will stay as it is, but you can benefit from improved and new features.
  • New Logging: Large tenants and many operations can produce large audit logs in Delegate365 since every operation and every sync jobs is protocolled. We wanted to optimize the logging. So, we completely redesigned the logging system in Delegate365. The graphics below gives an overview about the logging system components and their properties.
    To see more details of this module, pls. check out the article Delegate365 changelog version 6-Logging.
  • Power-BI: The new logging allows the protocolled data to be used in Microsoft Power-BI. Data can be exported and reused directly. In return, the reports section in Delegate365 will be removed in one of the next versions.
  • New PowerShell: For Portal Admins, there’s now a scripting module available. This allows to write and execute PowerShell scripts and to load and save them in a small management console. The important part here is, that you can easily define the scope, you want to execute the current script: on Office 365 tenant level, for specific OU’s or for custom objects. To see all details of this module, pls. see the upcoming article about scripting.
  • New Daily License Statistics: This new statistics delivers the daily status of Office 365 licenses used per OU. This data will be available in future versions.
  • New and updated Jobs: In former versions, there was only the SyncOp job running in the background. Now there are more background operations in place, as described in this list:
    Synchronization Job: This job synchronizes all modifications from Office 365 to Delegate365 and runs every 4 hours. The same job can be executed manually anytime in Delegate365.
    License Aggregator Job: This new job runs all 6 hours and protocols the daily status of Office 365 licenses used per OU for further usage.
    Log Sink Job: This job runs all 5 minutes and pulls out messages from the logging queue and persists the data to the Delegate365 database and to Azure Storage.
    Sync Notifications: To optimize the transportation to the notification center, now this job takes care about checking for news all 3 hours and delivers them to the Delegate365 database.
  • New Sync Options for Security Groups: Security Groups now can be automatically assigned by their name. A free prefix can be defined to split an OU name and the group name, for example, “New York_HR” would assign that security group to OU “New York”.
  • New Menu structure: To clear up the administration menu, this is restructured.
  • Fixes: Syncing of Dynamic Groups could produce an error because the API simply does not deliver the Object ID. We built a workaround for that, this is now fixed.
  • Small changes: We took care of typos, used better wording in some pages and added some descriptions in various pages.

The new features will be described in own articles. Existing Delegate365 tenants will be updated during December. We will inform about the schedule as soon as we are done with the final testing's. So, stay tuned for the new version of Delegate365!

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