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Our Microsoft Virtual Academy courses are online


In May Martina, I and our MVP colleague Sigi Jagott have been to Redmond and recorded some courses about Office 365 for Microsoft Virtual Academy.

The recordings took two days for Martina and two days for Sigi. I had the pleasure to join Martina for the first day and two recordings.

It’s quite an experience to come into the Microsoft Studio in Redmond Town Center and get a briefing about how it works, what to do (and what not to do). The recording was done and cutted by Danny who did a great job introducing us into the world of doing the webcasts. Many thanks for your patience and your support!

So the beginning is always the most difficult part when you are NOT relaxed for the intro and the first minutes. It can be some stress (for us non english native speakers) to speak in English, smile into the correct camera (there are three cameras and one screen and Danny is pointing if you do not look into the right direction), work with your partner, do your demo and think about the next steps. But believe me, it’s getting better while doing. After one day everybody is more relaxed…

If you are interested in some impressions from our preparations and from behind the scenes, check out our Sway here:

Our Microsoft Virtual Academy recordings are online

So, check out our MVA courses. Here they are with the included modules – we tried to have very timely topics in there like Yammer, Delve, Unified Groups and so on.

  1. Configure External User Sharing Using SharePoint Online
    01 | Plan to Collaborate with External Users
    02 | Configure External Sharing
    03 | Use External User Sharing
    04 | Limitations and Extended Features
    05 | Manage External User Sharing with PowerShell
    06 | Common Errors and Best Practices for External User Sharing
  2. Manage Skype for Business
    1 | Plan and Configure Skype for Business
    2 | Management Through PowerShell, Troubleshooting
  3. Create SharePoint Online Site Collections
    1 | Site Collection Fundamentals
    2 | Creating, Configuring, and Managing Site Collections
    3 | Management Through PowerShell
    4 | Troubleshooting, Best Practices
  4. Plan a Collaboration Solution Using Office 365
    1 | ​Office 365 Overview
    2 | SharePoint Online
    3 | OneDrive for Business
    4 | Delve
    5 | Yammer
    6 | Skype for Business
    7 | Office 365 Groups

See also Sigi’s recordings:

  1. Manage Exchange Online Services
    01 | Manage Exchange Online, Archiving, and Auditing
    02 | Plan and Configure Compliance Management
    03 | Plan and Configure OWA and ActiveSync
    04 | Manage Mail Flow and Mail Protection
  2. Manage Domains and Network Requirements in Office 365
    01 | DNS Records in Office 365
    02 | Manage Custom Domains in Office 365
    03 | Manage Network Requirements in Office 365
  3. Provisioning and Configuring Office 365
    01 | Office 365 Tenants, Service Description, and Tools
    02 | Planning an Office 365 Deployment
    03 | Managing Office 365 Admin Roles and Password Management
    04 | Managing the Office 365 Licensing Model

Hope you find useful information in there and you like them.

If yes, please rate our MVA courses! Zwinkerndes Smiley

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