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Delegate365 changelog version 4.0-New Member Picker and Fixes


In Delegate365 version 4.0 we have made further improvements and some minor fixes. We introduced a new member picker with Auto-Suggest instead of the old dialog picker which now is accessible in the new Task Pane. The sync was updated to get the synced or cloud-information and some fixes for setting alias addresses and mailbox delegation. See the details here.

  • New Member Picker: In all groups a new member picker came in. Members are managed by selecting the group and clicking “Manage Members” in the Task Pane like in this sample with a security group here.SNAGHTML44dfe5
    The usernames can be partly typed – one char is sufficient – and the Auto Suggest opens an shows all user names starting with that characters.
    The navigation can be done by mouse or with the cursor keys.
    Once the selection is made the admin still can remove items by clicking the “x” icon and the end of the users name or Apply the settings by clicking “Add”.
    The selected users are then added as members to that specific group.
    This concept was introduced in the administration / manage administrators page with version 3.9.5 (see here) and works now for all member pickers in D365: distribution groups, security groups, shared mailboxes and manage administrators (as before).
  • 2 new reports: In the reports menu there are two new reports available: Mailbox Types and Mailbox Traffic.
  • Report Mailbox Types: shows an overview about the mailbox types in the Office 365 tenant: user mailboxes, room mailboxes, shared Mailboxes and Discovery mailboxes.
  • Report Mailbox Traffic: shows an overview about the inbound and outbound mail traffic for the Office 365 tenant for a selected time period.
  • Sync: The sync now detects if objects from AAD are synced or cloud. This is done by an extra lookup for the new objects so that D365 can show this information and can mark properties which cannot be written back inactive.
  • Fix for adding Alias addresse in different format: When adding an Alias address for a user which does not follow the default email format name@domain.extension an error was shown (Error: "The address '[something]' is invalid: "[something]" isn't a valid SMTP address. The domain name can't contain spaces and it has to have a prefix and a suffix, such as example.com."). This happened when f.e. a X500 address was used as alternative email address. This was fixed.
  • Fix for setting mailbox delegation: In some cases objects contained a lot of information, f.e. for mailbox permissions so that the buffer for the operation got an overflow error. We changed the “MaxJsonDeserializerMembers” settings to a very large value to ensure that all operations work even if there’s much data in the transport to the Office 365 interfaces.

Delegate365 version 4.0 was already updated for all D365 tenants. Stay tuned for the next updates.

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