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Delegate365 accelerated!


Shortly we launched Delegate365 version 3.3. With that release there came a new and very fast cloud service along which handles all Exchange operations. We upgraded this service yesterday into production.

Delegate365 users, have you noticed the NEW SPEED? Zwinkerndes Smiley

The new service now uses pooling for all incoming request of one tenant and is very fast since many operations can be executed asynchronously within the connection pool. The result is that all Exchange-tasks are much much faster (about factor 6 to 10) than before.

This new service relates to the Exchange operations in D365 which currently are: Users Aliases, Users Mailbox, the sync function as well as the distribution groups and shared mailboxes management. The corresponding functions are marked red in the following screenshot.


You can feel the new speed when opening such a function as marked above. Now there´s almost no speed-difference between the Azure Active Directory operations and the Exchange operations which results in great usability even for time consuming tasks.

We think this performance boost is a great feature which definitely improves the Delegate365 solution.
The D365 portal is now faster than the original Office 365 Exchange Online portal.

Special thanks to our developers Muris and Andi and the whole D365 team for enhancing this product with their passion and their diligence!

D365 customers, enjoy the new speed!

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