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Delegate365 changelog version 3.3-licenses improvements


As announced in our version 3.3 article we added another feature in the new module “assign licenses”. Now this list also shows all already assigned plans for each user.

There´s a new column “AssignedPlans” showing the plans of the displayed users. So this list can be used for setting and also for reporting multiple user licenses of OU´s.


For doing that we had to implement an additional caching layer which is now filled by the automatic sync process.

Syncing reads all assigned plans, runs a lookup for the corresponding name to the wonderful GUID delivered and saves these data in the D365 database. So running a Sync means to update all current AAD objects into D365. This can be done manually anytime or simply wait till the automatic Sync (all 4 hours) has run.

These properties can also be filtered and exported (as every list in D365):


With the assign licenses Admins so easily can filter and export all users in their OU´s with their current license plans.

All D365 tenants have already been updated with this new version 3.3 update.

Enjoy the simplicity of managing Office 365 with Delegate365!

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