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Delegate365 changelog version 2.9–Setup Wizard


In Delegate365 version 2.9 the setup wizard for the primary configuration was slightly changed. The setup process must be run to configure D365 with any (existing) Office 365 tenant. The only things you need are the configuration password (provided by atwork) and the login and password of a global administrator of your Office 365 tenant, see also here.

Do I need to run the setup?

If you already received a Trial of Delegate365 with a new, preconfigured Office 365 tenant these steps are not necessary. This setup process is for organizations who want to use their own Office 365 (demo) tenant or for renewal of the D365 Service Account. If you got an email by atwork with the setup URL and a configuration password (code) you are able to complete the described steps here.

Start the Setup

First open the URL (provided by atwork) in a new browser windows. We recommend to use the browser´s Private Mode (Ctrl+Shift+P in IE) to ensure you are not already logged in by cookies with different Microsoft credentials. So the URL usually goes like here:

The setup wizard page opens with step 1.
Now we have only 2 steps (since the Report Account has been removed) for the complete setup.

First, enter the configuration password you got from atwork. With this code you are able to renew (or create) a new Service Account used in D365.

Then enter the UPN (the email address) and the password of a global admin of your Office 365 tenant which usually is something like admin@mydomain.onmicrosoft.com.


When done click “Continue”.

Step 2 – and almost done

In step 2 the D365 setup wizard now suggests to use the same global administrator account for accessing Exchange – this is set by default with the marked checkbox “Use Office365 Administrator”.


If you want to use a different Account deselect the checkbox and the fields will get active and empty. Now enter the new UPN and the password. Remember, this account must have admin-rights in Exchange granted.

Most admins leave the suggestions using the global admin account.
Click “Complete” to finish the setup.


Now the Service Account for D365 is created in the Azure Active Directory and all settings are prepared for your new D365 web portal. This process can take up to 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 3 - Setup completed

After the initial configuration the wizard reports the completion (step 3).


The work is done and D365 is ready to use. Click “Login”.

Setup Done – Use Delegate365

You will be redirected to the Office 365 Login page. Enter the credentials of the global admin you used in step 1 of the wizard.


The D365 portal dashboard page follows. Voila, you´re done.


The next steps are to sync your Office 365 data into D365 and to configure your OU´s and your administrators. After that process D365 is ready to use for your organization and their delegated admins!

You see – the steps for the setup are filling out only three fields, next, next, finish (see also here)!
Can´t be easier, or? Zwinkerndes Smiley

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